Paul Lewis

I grew up in south Wales and spent most of my formative years training and racing at Pontypool ski centre. The coaching and direction I received from the coaches there gave me a springboard to go out and see what the world offered! 

The path to where I am now hasn’t exactly been straight forward having spent time as a ski guide, ski instructor, windsurfing instructor and following my other passion, rally driving which led me on to teaching the sport for a number of years.

In the intervening years we created and built a successful winter sports company, Family Ski Company, now one of the top UK ski tour operators.


We sold the company in 2001 and have spent the last 16 years in project & change management and team development.  

Through these experiences the one thing has become evident is that our minds are the single limiting factor in improving our lives and performance. From the early days of ski racing I was aware of the importance of our thoughts, how we manage our emotions and feelings and how it affects performance.

This was further highlighted when my son Barney started ski racing at Gloucester in 2008 with much of my time spent coaching him, driving around dry slopes, indoor ski centres and the alps to compete in races helping him achieve his dreams in ski racing. Barney then went on to ski at children’s races, living and training in the alps and becoming one of the top slalom skiers in the UK. 

My experience as a competitor, coach and parent of a high-level athlete has given me a unique insight into the elements which contribute to athlete health, happiness and performance and the ability to manage out thoughts and emotions to get the best from ourselves.