Our Coaching and Mentoring service sits alongside our other courses and programmes and adds an essential level of support and development for your staff.


Increasing performance encompasses a whole range of factors from human behaviour, psychological skills, to management techniques and structural change.


The timescales that are required to put in place long lasting change vary with every client and we have delivered one day sessions alongside longer term programmes. Sometimes just a small change

in people’s perceptions or mindsets works a treat and the results are immediate. Others require a longer timeframe that allows us to build relationships with your people and get the best results. The better that new ways of working and thinking are embedded the greater chance of them working.


Our methods use a unique mix of different teachings, from evolutionary theory & mindfulness, to NLP and some positive psychology to keep it interesting and varied and to achieve the best results. We can also incorporate events specifically for your business or to run in conjunction with your house programmes. These can be seminars, retreats or management performance events ranging from skiing to mindfulness and cycling to walking, singing and yoga. We have specialists in all of those fields!


The programme isn’t complicated but it’s easier to see what we do rather than read about it and so we offer a 3 hour taster session with us followed by a chat about our offerings.


All we ask is that you bring with you an open minded approach to your organisation and the changes that could be possible. An enthusiasm for positive change, a willingness to go for it!