Coaching & Mentoring


Being an external service allows us to give impartial advice and staff to have access to confidential advice and support for a multitude of areas including personal development, stress reduction, career progression, relationship building, management techniques and problem solving.


Whether at face to face meetings or Skype conferencing we coach managers through the process of applying tools and techniques for their professional benefit. Individual and group coaching sessions with the entire team are also excellent ways of building and developing the Team as well as developing individual’s competence.

Our aim is that Teams become self-supporting and have the required skills and competence to maintain and develop them-selves whilst fulfilling their responsibilities to the organisation.


The mentoring programme can be flexible and tailored to suit your organisations needs so please contact us to discuss your requirements or to book a course



Personal one to one coaching with your designated performance coach is an ideal way to get the confidential support and guidance you require to move forward on a number of fronts simultaneously.  You decide the form and timings and we will help you to decide subjects, targets and methods of working with you which meet your needs entirely.



Your coach will help you to change the ways you view events in your life (past, present and imagined future) and develop a ‘paradigm shift’ in how your relationship with your own current reality, including your mind set and emotions.  The rationale for this is that in everyday life and at work people have a tendency to project their internal domain into all interaction with others.  By renewing our relationship with ourselves, the way we see the world, and through knowing our behaviours and mind set underpinning them, we relate to others in ways which are freer from less productive attitudes and habits.

Feedback from one of our Clients

When we started our weekly sessions I was in a very low place.


Over the past couple of months,  a lot of changes were happening around me, my family, my friendships and Paul helped me make sense of these changes while allowing me to find my own place, my sense of self, and my values among them. 


I've worked with Paul to better-understand a number of personal/professional issues.  In only a very short period, he was able to help me identify some of the issues and establish a protocol for dealing with them.


I found him to be thoughtful, experienced, knowledgeable and highly professional.


I was able to express exactly how I felt which is a very good feeling and built a rapport with him early-on in these sessions and trusted his advice. It was a true gift that every week I could go to this space of calm.


Before I had a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but having his support guided me through very tough episodes as well as experiences of joy. He has helped me to make my own decisions and handle situations of my problems enabling me to move forward with confidence.

He gave me hope and made me realize that everything that I was going through was completely normal.


He has combined professionalism with understanding, humanity and was never afraid to challenge me when I needed it.  I fully trusted his judgment and was immensely grateful for the support even if it was just that i knew he was there when things weren’t great. 


My life, and the way I feel about myself today, are worlds away from how I was feeling when I first started having these sessions and I highly recommend him.


Thank you for making a positive difference in my life and my relationships. It has made a big difference in changing my outlook to be more positive, outgoing and to believe in myself more.