Take the LEAP


Sometimes you just have to take a leap to get to where you want to be!

Taking the LEAP is an example of one of our programmes which will take you through the stages of business awareness, self-knowledge and planning what we are going to do and through to the final performance.

  •  So why do we behave the way we do?

  • Thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Action or Reaction?

  • Negative and Positive bias

  • The power of Acceptance

  • Going to the Movies

  • Optimal Stress

  • Animals and other people!

  • My brilliant performance?

  • Purpose, Values and Vision – the search

  • Thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Positivity and outlook

  • In search of perfection?

  • The view from elsewhere

  • Creating the plan

  • Adjustment and re-planning

  • Decision and thought

  • Doing Nothing!

  • Plan B (and C,D & E)

  • Time and Motion


At the heart of what we do is an understanding of how the mind works, what makes us tick and why we act and behave the way we do. This understanding of yourself and others will open doors for you and become the energiser to creating a more productive, happier and healthier organisation.


Once people have an understanding we’ll then help your people gain the knowledge and skills to be able to manage their thoughts and emotions. They will also gain a shared vocabulary to be able to express themselves effectively and better understand how other people feel and react.


We'll start by talking to you and finding out what is needed to accelerate your performance. Sometimes just knowing what is needed can bring about positive changes in thoughts and behaviours. Once we have this insight we’ll progress through a planning stage with you to work out how we are going to achieve the changes together.

  • Running the Programme

  • Diversion and distraction

  • Reflection

  • Acceptance

  • Post-match analysis

  • In the loop