Mind Skills for Skiing

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The Mind of the Athlete

The inside of an athletes mind can be a confusing place! Feelings can range from total confidence through small doubts and anxiety to fear and sometimes the inability to perform.

This is it, I’m going to do it. Why am I doing this again? What if I crash? Will my parents be angry, will my coach be disappointed? Will I look stupid in front of all these people? If I do much more of this skiing I won’t fit into skinny jeans. If I win my parents will be really proud of me and I can stand on the podium like a champion. Arrrghh!


To a ski racer this is just another day and an example of the thoughts and emotions they may experience. The challenge is to control those emotions and turn them into positive energy and allow our brains to work with us and not against us. The programme highlights the origins of those thoughts and grows techniques in how to control them.

The Parent Trap

Parents obviously play a key role in the Athlete Team relationship and so it is beneficial if we can give the same level of information to them. This enables them to have an insight into the behaviour of the athlete and a common language allowing the whole Team to communicate in an efficient, empathetic and understanding way with each other.

Coaches Matter Too!

Of course, you as coaches have a crucial part in the management and career of your athletes and the influence you have should never be underestimated. Having knowledge about behaviour, thoughts and emotions is crucial to understanding athletes, parents and yourself! By applying this knowledge, you will be better able to understand your athletes, have a more productive relationship, improve happiness and increase performance.


So what will you get?

Our Mind Skills approach is not traditional ‘Sports Psychology’. Our aim is to give people tools to use in their everyday life that can be life changing. To get the best results it needs continual practice, the same as physical or technical training but when used correctly the outcome can be dramatic. The areas we concentrate on to get the best results are

  • Knowledge on why we think and behave the way they do 

  • Tools to enable athletes to remain calm and focused during training and racing

  • Techniques to improve self-confidence and positivity

  • A common language to use between Athletes, Coaches & Parents

  • Reduction in anxiety and stress

  • Improved communication within the Team

  • Individual coaching for specific problems with confidence, anxiety and post injury performance


The Programmes

Everyone is unique and everyone takes something different from the programme. We also understand that every team and club works differently and therefore we offer a flexible approach to access our programmes from dryslope or indoor snow and in the UK or Europe.

Some of the services we can offer are;

  • Half day introductory Mind Skills session covering athletes, parents and coaches

  • Full day Mind Skills course with longer sessions and 1 to 1’s

  • Weekend camps

  • 1 Week alpine camp with evening & on hill Mind Skills coaching & support

  • Race Day Mind Skills support

  • Remote support via Skype/Facetime