What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a training which calms the mind and relaxes the body.


It settles our mental processes and enables us to see what’s really there, rather than what we would like to be there or what we are used to. It triggers the para-sympathetic nervous system and helps us to withhold from reacting to others and situations, calming our nervous system and causing us to experience less stress.


We are better able to see our emotions and thoughts as things which pass through us rather than energy which blindly drives us. The benefits are not only felt by ourselves but also others with whom we have relationships with. As we are kinder to ourselves, we become better able to be kinder and more patient with others.

The roots of mindfulness can be found in the Eastern traditions and are well documented in the Yoga sciences, Buddhism and many of the world’s religions, although mindfulness is not a religion; rather it’s a training which fosters ‘non-delusional perception’, meaning we gain a clearer more accurate view of ourselves, others and life.


Mindfulness helps us to dissolve the negative energy cycles in which many of us are caught, in daily life.

For some its not an easy training, increased awareness, reflection and introspection often leads us to understand ourselves more clearly and its not always sweet roses which we uncover!


This is where self-compassion and acceptance come to our support reducing the times, we ‘beat ourselves up’ for not always meeting our own expectations of how we act and speak. In time, through mindfulness training we become better able to appreciate our strengths and to reduce the hold our limitations have over us.

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