The mindfulness training courses focus on the ‘soft skills’ of how you relate to yourself and others, communication, mental processing, emotional energy and creating meaning from our thoughts and feelings. The ‘soft skills’ are like the cement which hold the stone of a house together, it binds and creates purpose to the context of our lives.

Through learning about mindfulness, you will be caring for your mental and emotional health. You will become proficient at creating the internal conditions for engaging purposefully with others and building meaningful relationships grounded in compassion. Your capability to respond with kindness and generosity will be enhanced, you will gradually leave behind old habitual ineffective ways of reacting. You may increase your motivation to show yourself some care and begin to exercise more. You may even become happier and enjoy life more!

The training is based on approaches found within the behavioral sciences, such as mindfulness, meditation, autogenic training, social and emotional learning and the yoga sciences. These all play a valuable role in deepening self-knowledge and improving the relationship we have with ourselves and therefore others. The teachings are like oxygen masks on an airplane; we help ourselves first before we can help others and learn to expand our hearts through understanding.  

Movement and if you choose, physical activity, play a key role and this may be everyday things such as walking and gardening to more structured forms of movement such as yoga postures, Tai Chi and Chi Gong. I will encourage you to take up some of these activities. To get the most from mindfulness I recommend that you blend the mental clarity, emotional intelligence gained from mindfulness with body movement and application into everyday life.

All of the mindfulness learning is underpinned with a foundation course. One session of two hours each week, for four consecutive weeks. In addition to these 8 hours of learning you will be sent some practice exercises to complete during the three intervening weeks. These will be light hearted, fun and will provide some interesting insights into your habitual patterns of thought and behaviour.

To learn more about the Mindfulness Foundation Course read on below. To book, complete and send the Booking form including any questions for additional details if you require. I look forward  guiding you in your exploration of mindfulness and yourself.

John Arnold 

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Special Event - Mindful Bardō: Love, Loss & Letting Go

We are very excited to be teaming up with Raquel Ríos to provide the Mindful Bardō course. This is a mindfulness meditation support and learning group to help individuals navigate the grief and transformation associated with the loss of a significant other.


It is designed to meet the needs of individuals who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is open to all those who are grieving — by death or divorce. While grief associated with death and divorce are unique, both experiences catapult us into a period of suffering and loneliness. It is a non-professional fellowship and learning forum for healing and renewal. Participants explore mindfulness strategies that can help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve suffering and loneliness, raise self-awareness, renew trust and incorporate new daily routines. 

Starts Saturday, April 3rd and runs every Saturday for 7 weeks


 For Information and booking visit MindfulBardo.com

Foundations of Mindfulness - An introductory on-line mindfulness course

An ideal and succinct way of learning about mindfulness and living in mindful ways this course is offered for people with no prior experience of mindfulness and for those who wish to re-engage with being more present in life and with others. You will learn the basics of meditation, increase your capability of establishing a daily practice and experience the benefits of taking time for yourself to nurture calm, stillness, resilience and self-awareness. You will realise the power of choices, how they define your future and how, through self-care, you can be more to others.



The first course will run between March16th, 23rd, 30th & 6th April

As these are likely to book up quickly further dates will be added soon!



7pm – 9pm UK time, 8pm – 10pm European time.



Four 2-hour sessions and learning resources, £85.



You can contact me through the form below and I'll send you booking details and payment options. The day before sessions I will send you the zoom log in link.


  • Session 1. Creating the conditions – the basics of being present.

  • Session 2. Energise the body - realising and taking notice of your breath.

  • Session 3. Know what’s inside - providing space for thoughts and emotions.

  • Session 4. You deserve it - compassionate self-care.


What you will learn

  • An introduction to the foundations of mindful living.

  • Beginning to meditate and notice the mind for what it is.

  • Feeling emotions and recognising their helpful nature.

  • Sensing the body and learning from its intelligence.

  • Purposeful breathing and how it calms and clears.

  • Taking more care of yourself and the value of intentions and attentions.


Next Steps

Complete the short form here and send. I will reply to you with some resources which I recommend, and payment details.


Fantastic, you are taking a step towards creating a happier more self-caring YOU!