Mind 4 Managing in the NHS



For many years patients have been identified as being at the centre of everything the NHS does but if the people providing the care struggle to be in a good place they won’t be able to give their best for the patients, the organisation or the NHS as a whole.


With pressures seemingly coming from all directions your people work in some of the most challenging and stressful conditions in any workplace.

Our work is all about helping people be in the best emotional place enabling them to manage themselves and other people more effectively.


Through our 15 years of experience working on projects and services within the NHS we have developed programmes specifically for NHS Managers and staff. They are designed to give managers information and tools to help them perform better, become more resilient and hopefully happier! 

Download the questionnaire below to see how you are doing!


The structure of the programme is built around the key approaches of improving emotional skills and practical learning on how to put these skills into use. We also look at how we develop purpose and direction for staff and create the conditions for building great teams.

The course can be tailored to your requirements and staff availability. An example course would be for around  20 participants run over 12 weeks. There would be a 3 hour classroom session every 2 weeks plus personal coaching sessions throughout the duration of the course. We will also send updates via e mail every week to keep staff committed and connected.  

Some of our NHS clients have been NHS Professionals, South Central & West Commissioning Support Unit and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. 

The content is tailored to the needs of the managers but some of the topics we cover are


  • Help understand how your mind functions

  • How you can affect the behaviour others

  • Helping managers get the best out of themselves

  • Dealing with difficult situations 

  • Managing and thriving in change 

  • Creating environments and cultures that enhance performance

  • Communication the right way

  • Leading and being led

  • Seeing Purpose, Values & Vision

  • Dealing with setbacks and challenges

  • Learning how to improve your chances of being successful, confident and happy.


The development sessions from Paul at OptimizeYou have really helped communication and relationships within the team.

Tolerance and acceptance of our ‘chimps’ means that situations that might otherwise blow up into a dispute simply do not and instead we can smile and sympathise with a colleague whose chimp has taken over e.g.


Last week one of the team gave a rather abrupt response to a colleague, promptly said ‘that was my chimp’, and we all laughed. It sounds like a small thing but understanding each other makes for a much happier team, who then work better together and so are more productive and more likely to stick together.



One team member in particular who was not achieving her potential, and was not in a happy place, has really blossomed. She has self-belief, greater confidence and as a result is taking on roles at work that she wouldn’t have a year ago.


I’m very grateful for the extra support she has received. Instead of potentially losing her, I have a highly productive team member who can look forward to developing and progressing her career further.


Thank you