Optimizing Yourself App

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Making sure that your people have good mental health is essential if they are to perform at their best, be happy at work and have a great home life.


Tracking this is no easy task! You could issue regular questionnaires but they only take a snapshot of how they are feeling on a particular day, week or month and that may produce a good or bad result.

Of course being in regular contact with your people is important and by having conversations you can check on how someone is doing.


The OY Wellbeing App won't replace these contacts but what it can do is alert you if something is brewing which needs acting upon. It also gives an easy way for people to report incidents or concerns either about themselves or others anonymously.


The information is secure and safe and will only be accessed by specified people in the organisation.  



The content is tailored to the needs of the business but some of the topics we cover are

  • Understand how your mind functions

  • How you can affect the behavior of others

  • Helping managers get the best out of themselves

  • Dealing with difficult situations 

  • Managing and thriving in change 

  • Creating environments and cultures that enhance performance

  • Communication the right way

  • Becoming a Leader and developing others

  • Defining the business Purpose, Values & Vision

  • Dealing with setbacks and challenges

  • Learning how to improve your chances of being successful, confident and happy.