Work Life 


People are the most important part of any organisation and looking after this expensive resource is the best way to improve performance, create opportunities and keep your great staff.  By improving health, wellbeing and happiness your staff will be more productive, have fewer days off with illness and be able to have better work and personal relationships.


The work place is often a high pressure environment in which stress and anxiety thrives and productivity suffers as a result. 

Many companies now recognise that looking after staff well-being is a great investment, easy enough for large corporations but not so easy for small or medium size businesses.


OptimizeYou, in conjunction with our partner organisations provide a one stop shop for your staff welfare needs via our Work-Life programme.


This programme combines all of our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a set up that enables your employees to work in a reduced stress environment and bring their own happiness to work, thus providing you with the piece of mind that your organisation is running at am optimum level and that your staffs wellbeing is being taken care of.


Here are a few examples of what we provide: 

  • Mind Line - When you feel that you need to speak to someone about a work problem or just need to let off steam!

  • OY App - Wellbeing App to track your wellbeing and highlight when you fell great and not so great. It also contains useful information on what to do when you get that certain feeling. 

  • Mind Skills Sessions for your people - everyone can benefit from this!


  • Mind 4 Managing - learn more about how you can get the best from others

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace - run by our very own masters trained Mindfulness guru to teach you 

  • Your Personal Coachcoaching for staff and managers

  • OneonOne Developmentdevelop yourself for work and home

  • Active Yoga - Designed to combat aches and pains if you sit down all day

  • Executive Retreat - get away from it all and improve into the bargain 

  • Singing for Performance - Yes we have our very own operatically trained singing coach to get the body and soul fired up