Our experience in business and sports coaching, mindfulness, mentoring and organisational awareness gives us the ammunition to banish the gremlins of stress and inefficiency from the workplace and replace them with positive energy, excitement and a great attitude to work.


Our service develops your mind for managing situations and improves -


People skills – better able to deal with yourself and others

Stress reduction – being open, focused and clear minded

Resilience building – delivering quality performance

Emotional intelligence – healthier and happier staff

Relationships – better able to deal with conflict

Engagement - managers and teams working collaboratively


Our passion is to improve people’s performance, success and happiness in work, sport and at home. We do this by creating opportunities for people to gain knowledge, evaluate their thoughts, make a conscious plan and then perform to their best ability.


Sometimes this is not an easy task! The stresses and strains of work life are greater than ever and this highly pressurised environment places increased demands on everyone.


However with the right approach and high quality, interactive and engaging programmes we can bring about the changes that you need to help your people perform to their full capability. 


Engaging your people in the business is key to building and maintaining a healthy culture and organisation and this engagement comes from giving them a voice, the ability to make decisions and have knowledge and support. Lack of engagement leads to unhappy, ineffective people and ‘zombie’ behaviour!


Stress can also be a huge factor in human performance depending on your line of business and we’ll look at how stress can be reduced, how we can increase resilience and what other lifestyle improvements can be introduced or strengthened to allow your people to perform to their best ability and enjoy their work.