Mind Skills for Athletes

The Challenge

Any sport can be challenging from a physical, technical and psychological angle.

The role of coaches is to increase technical and physical skills and get the best from your athletes but sometimes, no matter how much practice we put in on the hill & gym our minds appear to sabotage our best efforts to put in great performances.

Our brain was initially designed for a specific purpose - to keep us alive, safe and ensure the continuation of the species so it’s a pretty powerful tool! Occasionally though, it has the habit of taking over when we least expect or want it and is usually because it is trying to protect us.

Sometimes the ancient brain gets the messages wrong, giving us the feeling of anxiety or negativity when there is no threat and we are confident that we can cope and manage the situation.

The emotional brain however is not all bad! It can keep us safe from harm and give us the lightening quick responses we need when something goes wrong. Those same responses can also be harnessed to give us the super-fast reaction speeds we need when we are competing. It can also be a great motivator if we learn to work with it and manage it properly.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could improve the way we use our minds so that we can get the very best for our athletes, coaches and parents? The most effective way to do this is to prepare the athlete before they start to have problems.